Raquel García-Tomás is a composer specialising in interdisciplinary creation, who completed her doctorate at the Royal College of Music of London. Her recent projects include collaborations with the English National Ballet, the Royal British Society of Sculptors, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Dresdener Musikfestspiele. Raquel is teacher of composition and music theory at the Taller de Músics College in Barcelona.








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Sep 2019

Raquel García-Tomás is the new composer in residence of the Residències Musicals of Fundació La Pedrera (Barcelona).

©Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

From the 15th of September 2019 until the 17th of May 2020 La Pedrera Foundation will offer its Residències Musicals. Raquel García-Tomás will compose three new works for the rest of the residents: pianist Albert Cano Smit, countertenor Víctor Jiménez and clarinettist Miquel Ramos, which will form a cycle entitled "My Old Gramophone".


"La Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera presenta la vuitena edició del Programa Residències Musicals, que iniciat la temporada 2012-2013 té l’objectiu de donar suport i impulsar la carrera dels joves talents de la interpretació i creació musical del nostre país. […] Enguany, els escollits en la interpretació han estat ALBERT CANO SMIT, molt jove pianista amb clara trajectòria internacional ascendent; el reconegut clarinetista MIQUEL RAMOS; i, per primera vegada, la tessitura de contratenor amb VÍCTOR JIMÉNEZ DIAZ, amb notable projecció internacional.  I en la composició, tot seguint la línia iniciada la temporada anterior, serà RAQUEL GARCÍA-TOMÁS la compositora que es vincularà al programa la temporada 2019-2020 amb la composició de tres peces d’encàrrec a estrenar dins dels programes que confegiran els propis intèrprets residents per als seus concerts a La Pedrera. "


Jul 2019

Je Suis Narcissiste nominated to the Alicia Awards

Our most recent opera 'Je Suis Narcissiste' has been nominated to the Alicia Awards 2019 (by the Acadèmia Catalana de la Música) in both the categories of Authorship and Interdiscipline.

We feel honoured to have been nominated amongst such great musicians, and we're very looking to attend the Award's Ceremony on the 21st of September.

©Acadèmia Catalana de la Música


May 2019

Installations liquid:speeches and stone:speeches in the ME_MMIX Festival (Palma de Mallorca)

The audiovisual installations liquid:speeches (2016) –created in collaboration with mezzo-soprano Marta Valero– and stone:speeches (2014) –with soprano María Hinojosa– were performed within the ME_MMIX Festival on the 17th and 18th of May 2019.



May 2019

Concert of the Barcelona Clarinet Players at the FAT (Barcelona)

The Cosmos Quartet offered a concert at the Liceu Conservatory to promote their new CD "Influences" (available on Spotify). That evening, they performed works by Haydn, Brahms and myself.


Follow the link to know more about it and to listen to their performance.

©Montse Capdevila / Seed


Apr 2019

Concert of the Barcelona Clarinet Players at the FAT (Barcelona)

The Barcelona Clarinet Players offered a concert at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies to promote their new CD "Offertorium" (available on Spotify). That evening, they performed works by Carlos de Castellarnau, Joan Magrané, Josep Maria Guix,  Bernat Vivancos and myself.

Follow the link to know more about it and to listen to their performance.

©Montse Capdevila / Seed


Apr 2019

Je Suis Narcissiste at the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona

'Je suis narcissiste' was performed in the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2019.

Performers: Elena Copons, María Hinojosa, Joan Ribalta, Toni Marsol and Orquestra Camera Musicae.

Conductor: Vinicius Kattah. Sound: Sixto Cámara. Lighting: Nuno Meira.

For the rest of the team, click here.

©Estrella Melero


Apr 2019

Chansons trouvées was performed at Palau de la Música by Josep-Ramon Olivé and Ian Tindale, within the ECHO Rising Stars 2019.

Baritone Josep-Ramon Olivé and pianist Ian Tindale performed 'Chansons trouvées' at Palau de la Música Catalana on April 4, 2019.

This has been one of the many concerts that they have offered within the tour ECHO Rising Stars 2019.

Click on the following links to know more about the past concerts in 2019 and in 2018.


Mar 2019

Wondjina was performed by David Romero in the EMA Festival, Madrid

On the 23rd of March 2019, clarinettist David Pascual performed 'Wondjina' (for bass clarinet, electronics and video) at the Sala Berlanga (Madrid), within the 4th edition of the EMA Festival.


Mar 2019

World Premiere of the audiovisual version of tangible (EMA Festival)

Pianist Lluïsa Espigolé premiered the audiovisual version of 'tangible', which combines the pre-existing musical work by Raquel García-Tomás (2012) with a new film by illustrator and filmmaker Pere Ginard.

The event took place at the Sala Berlanga (Madrid), on the 22nd of March, on the 4th edition of the EMA Festival.


©Pere Ginard


Mar 2019

World Premiere of Je Suis Narcissiste (Teatro Real – Teatro Español)

©Estrella Melero

The World Premiere of the opera buffa Je suis narcissiste took place on March 6th, at the Teatro Español (further performances: 7, 9 and 10 March 2019).

Performers: Elena Copons, María Hinojosa, Joan Ribalta, Toni Marsol and Orquesta del Teatro Real. Conductor: Vinicius Kattah. Sound: Sixto Cámara. Lighting: Nuno Meira.

Rest of the team, clicking here.

Read the critics following this link.


Feb 2019

Press conference #jesuisnarcissiste

©Javier del Real

Presentation of our new opera buffa Je suis narcissiste at the Teatro Real. In this picture, from left to right: Helena Tornero (libretto), Raquel García-Tomás (composition), Joan Matabosch (artistic director-Teatro Real), Carme Portacelli (artistic director-Teatro Español) and Ignacio García-Belenguer (general director-Teatro Real). Not in this picture, but in the press conference: Marta Pazos (stage direction), Toni Marsol, Maria Hinojosa, Joan Ribalta and Elena Copons (cast)


Feb 2019

J.R. Olivé performs Chansons Trouvées in Stockholm, Lisbon and Köln

©Irene Serrat

Baritone Josep-Ramon Olivé and pianist Ian Tindale performed Chansons Trouvées at the Konserthuset Stockholm on the 2nd of February 2019, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on the 10th of Feb., and at the Kölner Philharmonie on the 17th of February.

This lied, which I composed especially for Josep-Ramon's Echo Rising Stars Tour, intends to seem a compendium of old songs which have been found -as its title in French suggests- after decades of being lost. The work combines many contrasting materials, which constantly change from one to another in a continuous musical flux. It explores the theatrical versatility of the baritone who, accompanied by a virtuoso piano language inspired by French Impressionism, sings in an invented language, the focus of which is in exploring the phonetic qualities of the syllables which create the textual discourse.

Click on the following links to know more about the past concerts in 2019 and in 2018.


Jan 2019

PHACE - Austrian premiere of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Austrian premiere of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -a work in collaboration with illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia (AKA Aisa)- will take place soon. The piece will be performed by the Ensemble PHACE in their concerts "Adventures in Wonderland", whose programme includes works by Alexander Schubert, Clara Iannotta and Olga Neuwirth among others.


30. January  2019 // 19:30
Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio-Saal
PHACE Series 18/19 – N°2


08. Feb 2019 // 20:15
Hall i.T. / Musik+
Hall, Kurhaus


Jan 2019

The Cosmos Quartet offers the German Premiere of Così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei in the Streichquartettfest of Heidelberg.

©Michal Novak

The Cosmos Quartet did the German Premiere of my last work for string quartet “così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei” in the Streichquartettfest of Heidelberg, on the 26th of January 2019.

They have included the piece in the following concerts:
16 August 2018 – V Festival de Música "Soria Clásica", Spain.
21 August 2018 – Quincena Musical de San Sebastián, Spain.
15 September 2018 – Gent Festival, Belgium.
26 January 2019 – Streichquartettfest, Heidelberg.

The work will be soon available on their new CD "Influences", edited by Seed Music, which will be released in the next weeks.


Jan 2019

Recording of the radio broadcast Audicions Íntimes

The Cosmos Quartet offered a concert for the radio program "Audicions Íntimes" (Catalunya Ràdio) in which they included my work Così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei.

After the recording, I took this nice picture with the radio presenter Xavier Chavarria, who has followed the development of my career since the very beginning.

Follow the link to listen to the program.


May 2018

Encuentros Sonoros 2017-18 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

On the 8th of May 2018, I participated at 'Encuentros Sonoros', showing some of my audiovisual works.

This happened at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid.












Apr 2018

Sonido Extremo premieres Tiempo Suspendido at ENSEMS festival

Sonido Extremo ensemble offered a concert within the ENSEMS festival where they performed my new work Tiempo Suspendido – Estudio Sonomecánico nº 1 among others.

This work has been specially commissioned for this occasion and had its world premiere at the Palau de la Música de Valencia, on 25 April 2018.


Apr 2018

World Premiere of the monodrama Balena Blava at TNC (Barcelona)

Balena Blava had its world premiere on 14 April 2018 at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Sala Gran). This monodrama is a collaboration with writer Victoria Szpunberg and a co-commission by TNC and Esmuc.

The performance was given by actress Marta Angelat, conductor Edmon Colomer and the Esmuc Orchestra and Choir. The stage direction was in charge of Xavier Albertí.

Balena Blava had a further performance on 15 April.


Feb 2018

El Ojo Crítico awards

"El ojo crítico - Gala de entrega de los XVIII Premios El Ojo Crítico

Gala de entrega de los XVIII Premios El Ojo Crítico de RNE, que en esta ocasión han reconocido con su Premio Especial al director artístico del Teatro Real, Joan Matabosch. La gala ha estado presentada por el director de El ojo crítico, Luis Miguel Úbeda, y Luisa Segura Albert, copresentadora, y ha contado con las actuaciones de algunos de los galardonados. Junto a Matabosch, han recibido sus premios ocho jóvenes talentos en las distintas categorías. En Teatro ha sido premiado Kulunka Teatro; en Cine, la reciente ganadora del Goya a la mejor dirección novel, Carla Simón; en Danza, Alicia Amatriain; en Música Clásica, Raquel García-Tomás; en Poesía, Fernando del Val; en Narrativa, Aroa Moreno; en Música Moderna, Rosalía, y en Artes Plásticas, Paloma Polo."

Raquel receives the prize from Guillermo Pastrana and Eduardo Fernández's hands.

Premios El Ojo Crítico - Discurso de agradecimiento de R. García-Tomás
00:00 / 00:00


Nov 2017

Raquel is awarded with the RNE's prize El Ojo Crítico de Música Clásica 

"El Premio El Ojo Crítico de Música Clásica 2017 ha recaído en la compositora Raquel García-Tomás. El fallo del jurado hecho público este miércoles ha destacado "la originalidad de sus planteamientos y el uso y combinación del lenguaje compositivo". El galardón de Música Clásica es el cuarto de los premios que se da a conocer de esta XXVIII edición. […] 

El jurado ha destacado "la originalidad de sus planteamientos y el uso y combinación del lenguaje compositivo con lenguajes tecnológicos y audiovisuales".

El jurado ha estado formado por Joan Matabosch, director del Teatro Real de Madrid; Teresa Catalán, compositora, Premio Nacional de Música 2017; Miguel Ángel Marín, director de actividades musicales de la Fundación Juan March; Eduardo Fernández García, pianista y premio El Ojo Crítico de Música Clásica 2016; Juanjo Guillem, percusionista titular de la Orquesta Nacional de España y del grupo Neopercusión; Alberto González Lapuente, colaborador de El ojo crítico de RNE; Carlos Sandúa, director de Radio Clásica; Luis Miguel Úbeda, director de El ojo crítico de RNE, y Berta Tapia, responsable del área de Cultura de los Servicios Informativos de RNE."


Nov 2017

World premiere of Pictures of the Floating World by Neopercusión and Xelo Giner

Neopercusión and Xelo Giner premiered Pictures on the Floating World, a multidisciplinary work for percussion duo, saxophone, electronics and video. The concert was on the 21st of November 2018 in Teatro Galileo (Madrid) within the concert season Ritmo Vital, organized by Neopercusión.


Pictures of the Floating World es una obra multidisciplinar para dos percusionistas, saxofón, electrónica y vídeo inspirada en las “estampas del mundo flotante” (ukiyo-e), concretamente en el género shunga. Mediante la poesía sonora y visual, en esta obra se crean puentes estéticos y conceptuales entre el imaginario occidental y el del ukiyo-e, género artístico que describe un estilo de vida urbano de tipo hedonista que se desarrolló en Japón en el período Edo (siglos XVII i XIX).

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