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Je suis narcissiste

Je suis narcissiste (2018-2019)

Opera for two sopranos, tenor, bariton, orchestra and electronics
Je Suis Narcissiste (2018-19)


PREMIERED AT THE TEATRO ESPAÑOL (Madrid), within the season of the TEATRO REAL (Madrid). Further performances in Barcelona, at TEATRE LLIURE.


6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 March 2019

12, 13 and 14 April 2019


Music by Raquel García-Tomás (1984)
Libretto by Helena Tornero


Musical director: Vinicius Kattah

Stage director: Marta Pazos

Set designer: Fernando Ribeiro

Lighting designer: Nuno Meira

Choreographer: Amaya Galeote

Costume designer: Pier Paolo Álvaro

Sound engineer: Sixto Cámara


Clotilde: Elena Copons

Giovanni: Toni Marsol

Women: María Hinojosa

Men: Joan Ribalta



Produced by the Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació, in collaboration with the Teatro Real, the Teatro Español of Madrid and the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona.



It appears to be a more than opportune moment to talk about narcissim. This type of narcissism that inundates everything; that inflates our perception of ourselves and encourages us to do everything in grand style, even if we may have forgotten the reason why we are doing it. Based on black humour, making no concessions, Je suis narcissiste offers us a person who organises cultural events and who lives each day as though it were an obstacle course existing between herself and her happiness. The events overwhelm her and people leave her immersed in a sensation of loneliness. Couples, pets, bosses, artists or funeral home employees appear to be a lot more interested in talking than listening. Given such a fecund cultural medium, it proves sufficient that the reaction is triggered -in the form of a dead cat- for her complete emotional collapse. Exhausted, she arrives at the office of a psychiatrist who embraces all kinds of theories as eccentric as he himself. The two of them will travel together through an experience of transformation (or not).

  • Alícia Awards 2019 (Catalan Academy of Music) – Interdiscipline Award.

  • Ópera XXI Awards – Best initiative to promote opera: Òpera Butxaca i Nova Creació (OBNC), in its 25th anniversary and for the world premiere of Je suis narcissiste by Raquel García-Tomás.

  • Premios de la Crítica de Amics del Liceu – Special mention

  • International Opera Awards 2020 – Best World Premiere

  • Max Awards 2020 (Premios Max)

    • Best Music Composition (Raquel García-Tomás)

    • Best Lyrical Show (Ópera de Butxaca i Nova Creació)

    • Best Costume Design (Pier Paolo Álvaro)



disPLACE (2015)

Opera for soprano, bariton, viola, cello and electroacoustics
disPLACE (2015)




1, 5, 6, 8, 11. September 2015





Composed by Joan Magrané (1st part) and Raquel García-Tomás* (2nd part)


Llibretto: Helena Tornero 
Staging: Peter Pawlik 
Stage design: Alexandra Burgstallter
Light design: Harald Michlits 
Dramaturgy: Georg Steker 

With: Elena Copons, Sébastien Soules, Benedek Nagy, Ensemble PHACE

* Special thanks to composer H. Serrano for gratefully allowing the use of the recording of Elle est belle, eh ? by accordionist Oroitz Maiz.


in conjunction with Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació, Barcelona

PRESS RELEASE (by Helena Tornero)


"disPLACE is an opera by composers Raquel García-Tomás and Joan Magrané Figuera, with a libretto by the playwright Helena Tornero.

The creation is a production by the Musiktheatertage Wien Festival and Opera de Butxaca i Nova Creació de Barcelona, which commissioned the author to write a libretto about the issue of gentrification.

The request was to write two stories dealing with the same issue from two different perspectives, as each story was to be created for a different composer. The author decided to write two stories separated in time but connected by the place where they took place: a flat at the centre of Barcelona.

Gentrification is a problem affecting thousands of districts of cities all over the world, Barcelona city being one of the cases where the situation is getting worse due to real estate speculation, the Spanish mortgage laws, the social impact of the economic crisis and the contradictions caused by current tourism politics.

disPLACE was premiered on 1st September 2015 in Vienna at the Festival MusikTheaterTage Wien and performed until the 11th September. It was staged by the director Peter Pawlik and performed by the Catalan soprano, Elena Copons, the French baritone, Sébastien Soules and the musicians of the Ensemble PHACE."

Promotional video of 'disPLACE'

Year: 2015

Music and video by Raquel García-Tomás

Special thanks to photographer Germán Caballero for allowing the use of his photographic material.

Promotional video of 'disPLACE'

Year: 2016

Video by Raquel García-Tomás


go, ÆNEAS, go!


go, ÆNEAS, go! (2014)

Collective opera for tenor, mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet and cello)
Screenshot - Video projection

Sets: Ulrike Reinhard

Costume design: Christina Kämper

Characterization: Anne-Claire Meyer

Movement: Èlia Lopez



Æneas: Joan Ribalta

Europe: Anna Alàs

Clarinet: Christian Vogel

Cello: Cèlia Torres

Promotional video of 'go, ÆNEAS, go!'

Year: 2014

Music by Raquel García-Tomás, Octavi Rumbau & Xavier Bonfill

Video by Raquel García-Tomás

Promotional video of 'go, ÆNEAS, go!'

Year: 2014
Music by Octavi Rumbau
Video by Raquel García-Tomás

go, ÆNEAS, go! (2014)




Composers: (in order of appearance) Raquel García-Tomás, Octavi Rumbau and Xavier Bonfill.


Libretto: Spin Off Collective, based on an original idea by Cristina Cordero.

Musical direction: Diego Martin Etxebarria

Stage direction: Jordi Pérez Solé (La mama)

Video: Raquel García-Tomás


DIDO reloaded


DIDO reloaded (2013)

Collective opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet and cello)
Dido and Belinda (Hinojosa & Alàs)
Dido (Maria Hinojosa) (23/10/13)
Clarinettist Víctor de la Rosa
Cèlia Torres (23/10/13 Barcelona)
World Premiere
World Premiere
World Premiere
World Premiere
DIDO reloaded (2013)


Composers: (order of appearance) Raquel García-Tomás, Octavi Rumbau, Xavier Bonfill and Joan Magrané


Libretto: Cristina Cordero after the 'Dido and Æneas' by Nahum Tate.

Music Direction: Joan Magrané / Stage direction: Jordi Pérez Solé



Costume design : Isabel Velasco

Lighting: Sylvia Kuchinow

Movement: Anna Romaní


Dido: Maria Hinojosa, soprano

Belinda: Anna Alàs i Jové, mezzo

Clarinet: Víctor de la Rosa

Cello: Cèlia Torres



Press comunication: Neus Purtí

Production: Dietrich Grosse, OBNC Barcelona

Collaborating with: BCN216 i Mondigromax

Promotional video of 'Dido & Æneas Reloaded'

Year: 2013 |  Running Time: 2:12 min

Ouverture from 'Dido & Æneas Reloaded'

Music and video by Raquel García-Tomás

Promotional video of 'Dido & Æneas Reloaded'

Year of production: 2013 | Running Time: 1:45 min
Music by Octavi Rumbau and Xavier Bonfill
Video by Raquel García-Tomás

LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta]


LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta] (2009-2010)

Opera for mezzo-soprano, jazz singer, mime and quintet (flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, keyboards, violin and cello)

Conductor: Raúl Patiño
Stage direction: Pol López
Artistic direction: Raquel García-Tomás


Staging, lighting, attrezzo and video: newDivision
Costume design: La Ke Kose (Mireia Nogueras)
Masks and make-up: La máscara de Pandora (Susana Conde)

'Son imbrogliato io già'

Year: 2010 |  Running Time: 2:49 min

from LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta]

Video: newDivision

'A Serpina penserete'

Year: 2010 |  Running Time: 5:01 min

from LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta]

Video: newDivision

'Questa è per me disgrazia'

Year: 2010 |  Running Time: 5:00 min

from LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta]

Video: newDivision

Vespone (Pol López)
Vespone and Uberto (P.López&C.Alias)
Vespone, Serpina and Uberto
Uberto (Celeste Alias)
Uberto (Celeste Alias)
The ensemble
Ophélie Derieux
Woodwind section
Rehearsal time
Rehearsal time
Rehearsal time
LSP 3.1 ['La serva padrona' rifatta] (2009-2010)



World premiere: 15 May 2010. Auditori Eduard Toldrà, CMMB,Barcelona. "Dissabte Concert" Concert Series.
Ensemble: La escafandra Opera Company.


• Characters:
Uberto: Celeste Alías (jazz singer)
Serpina: Marta Valero  (mezzo-soprano)
Vespone: Pol López (mime)


• Ensemble:
Ophélie Derieux (Flute), Víctor de la Rosa (Bb Cl. and Bass Clarinet), Toni Costa (Keyboards), Víctor Pérez (Violin), Cèlia Torres (Cello)

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