July 2017

Presentation of Canciones de repente cuando ya estaba en la cama - World Premiere of Espiritual

On the 14 July, a bounch of musicians performed new songs composed after Canciones de repente cuando ya estaba en la cama, by artist Pere Ginard. This was on the presentation of his book, edited by Chiquita Ediciones.

"Canciones compuestas por varios artistas a partir de las letras y dibujos incluidos en el libro de Pere Ginard que se convirtió en disco de vinilo gracias a Chiquita Ediciones. La variedad de géneros y estilos de interpretación convierte la compilación en un ecléctico divertimento."

© Lydia Metral Ruiz


Jun 2017

5 channels installation liquid:speeches goes to Paris

5-channels installation liquid:speeches was adapted to monochannel version to be performed in La Obra, Bagnolet - Paris, in a concert within the SIRGA festival.



Apr 2016

tangible, this time performed by Lluïsa Espigolé at MIXTUR Festival

Pianist Lluïsa Espigolé performed tangible (for piano and electronics) in the concert that Ensemble DRAMA! offered in Mixtur Festival.

Lluïsa and Erica Wise performed works by other composers as Tomás Virgós, Iñigo Giner, Raf Mur Ros and Óscar Escudero.

© Itsaso Arizkuren


Feb 2017

disPLACE goes to Madrid, within the season of Teatro Real

disPLACE had his Spanish premiere in Barcelona – Arts Santa Mònica on 21 and 22 of December. This chamber opera had further performances in Madrid on 17, 18 and 19 February – Madrid – Teatros del Canal (Teatro Real season)


Dec 2016

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland goes to Madrid

Pianist Lluïsa Espigolé performed "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at Fundación March – Madrid on 7 December 2016.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – for piano, tape and video-animation is a multidisciplinary work that is born out of the collaboration of composer Raquel García-Tomás and illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia.

Its creation has come from a very specific purpose: achieving an own audio-visual language that, on the one hand, relates the work with the cinematic context of the beginning of the XXth century and, on the other hand, counts on the current expressive and technical resources. All disciplines involved have been treated accordingly to such aesthetics: black and white illustration, intertitles within the video –as in silent movies–, a piano on stage which interacts in a extreme mimetic way with the projection and merges with the tape’s sonic microcosms, which make us travel more than a century ago… All of this has been done in this way to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s novel.


Sep 2016

logolepsy / lethologica was performed in Rosario, Argentina

My radiophonic work [logolepsy / lethologia] was premiered in Argentina at the Centre Català de Rosario. This work was commissioned by Catalunya Música and world premiered within the frame of the Art's Birthday 2016 (Euroradio Ars Acustica).


Sep 2016

German premiere of Büro für postidentisches Leben in the Neuköllner Oper, Berlin.

The German premiere of Büro für postidentisches Leben took place at the Neuköllner Oper, Berlin, on the 15th of September 2016. The performances continued regularly until the 16th of October 2016.


Jul 2016

World premiere of Büro für postidentisches Leben in the GREC Festival.

We had two wonderful performances of the Musiktheater piece Büro für postidentisches Leben in the GREC Festival, Barcelona, on the 5th and 6th of July 2016.

"Six young men and women - individualists, entrepreneurs, specialists and researchers - share an office. They are worried about their future. What options will be open to them, faced with new frontiers between nations, regions and societies, while other barriers have been overthrown without control due to the internet, networks and markets? What freedoms do individuals still enjoy? What has happened to the personal “I”? In this office everyone makes discoveries, invents dreams and examines depths in an amusing and poetic work with forays into philosophy and all too human weaknesses.

This will be an evening of musical theater reflecting Rebstock’s very personal and unique style of direction: tender, theatrical, humorous. Beethoven’s music (“Fidelio” and other pieces) provides the basis for the piece, with arrangements and new compositions and video-creation by Raquel Garcia-Tomás. The authors are award-winning Tilman Rammstedt and the well-known author and director Marc Rosich."


Jun 2016

World premiere of Mikroskop #1 at Fundació Miró, Barcelona

Mikroskop #1 was premiered within the concert Moulding Bass Clarinet, which took place at Fundació Miró as part of the Sampler Sèreies 2015-16.

Mikroskop #1 is an audio-visual work which is divided in five part that are inserted between the rest of the works of the concert 'Moulding Bass Clarinet'.

Raquel García-Tomás manipulated, transformed, reorganized and reinterpreted the recordings of the bass clarinet of Víctor de la Rosa with the aim of building a new work which explores the inaudible universe of the bass clarinet.


May 2016

World premiere of Blind Contours no.1 by the Oslo Sinfonietta at L'Auditori de Barcelona.

The Oslo Sinfonietta premiered my new work for ensemble, electronics and video Blind Contours no.1 tthe last 21st of May. Here an excerpt of an article by Bernat Puigtobella:

Blind Contours no.1, és una obra per a un conjunt de 16 músics, electrònica preenregistrada i vídeo-creació. “Blind contour és un terme que en anglès significa «contorn cec». S’usa per designar una tècnica d’il·lustració en què es dibuixa fixant la mirada exclusivament en l’objecte i no en el paper”, ens explica García-Tomás des de Londres, on resideix des de fa sis anys. “Es tracta d’una tècnica que normalment forma part del procés d’aprenentatge, ja que fa treballar la capacitat d’observació i evita la repetició de clixés sobre el paper. D’altra banda, és una tècnica que pot generar resultats expressius i fins i tot inesperats, i això fa que sigui un procés atractiu per als il·lustradors professionals”.

“L’obra Blind Contours no.1 s’inspira justament en la tècnica del contorn cec i en fa una aplicació al discurs musical”, ens diu García-Tomás, que ha construït aquesta peça a partir de l’enregistrament dels sons produïts amb un objecte tan quotidià com un bol de cuina metàl·lic. Aquest so, reestructurat en el temps i manipulat electrònicament és el pilar sobre el qual s’erigeix tot el discurs musical i audiovisual de l’obra. “Com si d’un“contorn cec” es tractés, el so provinent del bol, ple d’harmònics que salten dels uns als altres, dibuixa un recorregut sonor que, tot i haver estat manipulat i emmarcat en una estructura macroformal clara, no deixa de ser certament aleatori”, remata la compositora. L’ensemble i l’electrònica, coexisteixen en una obra de 13 minuts que es basa en l’evolució constant, gairebé imperceptible d’un so continu que viatja des del pianíssim més inaudible fins a un forte ple i robust, on l’ensemble, en aquest cas l’Oslo Sinfonietta, desplegarà tota la seva potència.


Apr 2016

Opening of the audiovisual installation liquid:speeches

The 5 channels' audiovisual installation  liquid:speeches (2016)  is going to have its opening on the 10th of April 2016 and it will remain until the end of June at L'Auditori de Barcelona (Foyer Sala 2).


This work has been done in collaboration with mezzo soprano Marta Valero and is a commission of the Sampler Series festival.


Jan 2016

World premiere of [logolepsy / lethologica] in Euroradio Ars Acustica

[logolepsy / lethologica] was world-premiered in Catalunya Música Radio Studios within the frame of the Art's Birthday 2016 (Euroradio Ars Acustica).

*This work has been commissioned by Catalunya Música Radio.


[logolepsy / lethologica]



(n.) a fascination or obsession with words



(n.) the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word


[logolepsy / lethologica] is an acousmatic work inspired in the two concepts above defined. It explores the versatility of the human voice through the manipulation of a fragmented discourse and the incorporation of radiophonic and glitched sounds.

To listen [logolepsy / lethologica] click on this link and go to 01:33:15


Dec 2015

Conference on Gentrification in 21st-Century chamber opera

Raquel participated in the conference "Music on the Move: Sounds and New Mobilities" presenting her paper disPLACE: Gentrification in 21st-Century chamber opera.

This event was organized by CRAL/EHESS and the University of Cambridge and held on the 8 December 2015 in Paris.





Oct 2015

Invited composer of the Sampler Sèries 2015-16

Raquel García-Tomás has been chosen to be the invited composer of the Contemporary Music Festival “Sampler Sèries” (L’Auditori de Barcelona).


During this upcoming season, she will premiere a new five-channels audiovisual installation “liquid:speeches”, a new work for the Oslo Sinfonietta (for ensemble, electronics and video) and the video-creation “Mikroskop #1” which will be premiered within the project Moulding Bass Clarinet.

More information coming soon!

In this photo: Press conference with Santi Barguñó, Robert Brufau and Simon Steen-Andersen, 14 October 2015.

©2020 Raquel García-Tomás