chamber works

[…] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […]
String quartet


Year: 2015 / Revision for Cosmos Quartet: 2018 | Duration: 10 min.~


Premiered in 2015 by Musica QuLacoza.

Venue: Studio Haru, Nagoya.

Commissioned by OSIC (Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural)

Revision for String Quartet, commissioned by the Cosmos Quartet, in 2018.


[…] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […] is inspired by Monteverdi's madrigal Sfogava con le stelle. This string trio responds to an organic and fluctuant impulse which transforms Monteverdi's work by stretching and distorting it. This transfiguration is not exempt of crystalline moments where the original polyphony appears as a fleeting reminiscence.

Pictures of the Floating World
Percussion duo, saxophone, pre-recorded electronics and video


Year: 2017 | Duration: 19 min.~


Premiered by Neopercusión (Juanjo Guillem, Rafa Gálvez, Iván Ferrer) and Xelo Giner.

Venue: Teatro Galileo


Commissioned by INAEM 2017


Like Someone in Love
(arrangement after the music of Jimmy Van Heusen)
Clarinet quartet


Year: 2017 | Duration: 15 min.~

Recorded by Neu Records at ADDA (Alicante)

Follow the link to listen to it on Spotify

Blind Contours no. 1
Ensemble, pre-recorded electronics and video


Year: 2016 | Duration: 13 min.


Premiered by the Oslo Sinfonietta

Venue: L'Auditori de Barcelona - Sampler Series


Commissioned by OSIC (Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural)

Blind Contours no. 1 (2016) is a multidisciplinary work that involves an ensemble of 16 musicians, pre-recorded electronics and video. It was commissioned by the Sàmpler Series as a work to be premiered by the Oslo Sinfonietta on 21 May 2016.
The term blind contour is associated with an illustration technique that consists of outlining an object without looking at the paper. Although it is commonly used as a drawing exercise for students –as it develops observational skills and avoids the repetition of memorised drawing shapes– this practice offers expressive and relatively unexpected results that also attract professional illustrators. Given the fact that the graphical result cannot be checked while drawing, this artistic technique entails a significant degree of randomness. Blind Contours no. 1 reflects this in the musical discourse by including chance proceedings within a controlled framework.

こえ、こえる、きこえる (koe, koeru, kikoeru)
reed quintet: Ob., Cl., S.Sax/A.Sax., B.Cl., Bsn.


Year: 2013-14 | Duration: 10 min~


Premiered by Barcelona Reed Quintet the 26 January 2014


Commissioned by Barcelona Reed Quintet and L'Auditori de Barcelona


*The video-recording will be uploaded very soon!

Not Wanting to Say Anything About John
Ensemble, electroacoustic and video

(Picc., Alto Fl., C.A., B. Cl., 4 Perc., Cel., Pno., Vln.1, Vln. 2, Vla., Vlc., Db.)


Year: 2012-2013 | Duration: 12:30 min


Music and video by Raquel García-Tomás | Illustration: Ainhoa Sarabia


Premiered and commissioned by the Variable Geometry Ensemble at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall (London) on the 21 February 2013

Not Wanting to Say Anything About John commemorates John Cage’s 100th birthday. This multidisciplinary work has been inspired in Cage’s creation Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel (1969), which is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp and considered to be his first visual art project. Cage’s piece comprises two lithographs and a group of eight objects that he called “Plexigrams”: silk screen printing on Plexiglas panels. Each item consists in eight panels covered with words in different typefaces and pictures. Counting them all, there are sixty-four panels, the number of hexagrams in the I Ching. Cage used chance operations to compose the Plexigrams.​

Not Wanting to Say Anything About John is a piece for ensemble of 15 musicians, tape and video. For this work I collaborated with illustrator Ainhoa Sarabia. She draught 64 objects for which I assigned aural information. We randomly created 8 different series of 8 ‘audio-visual’ objects each. Once I had them, my goal as a composer was to combine them in a very rational way, in order to develop the ability to associate disconnected material. I did the music but also did the video. The goal was to construct a whole, by extrapolating the musical materials and drawings to the video.

chamber sextet:

flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute), clarinet in Bb (doubling Bass clarinet), soprano and alto sax, trombone, percussion and piano



Year: 2012 | Duration: 12 min~


Commissioned by OSIC (Cultural Department of the Government of Catalonia) in 2012 


World premiere: 6th August 2012 L'Ateneu de Barcelona CrossingLines Ensemble

Conductor: Lorenzo Ferrándiz

Artistic Director: Luis Codera Puzo


Recorded on the 5th August  2012 by Ophélie Derieux (flute), Víctor de la Rosa (clarinet), Tere Gómez (sax), Cassiel Antón (trombone), Feliu Ribera (percussion), Mireia Vendrell (piano)

Añil (from "Mediterranean Reminiscences" - Raquel García-Tomás
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Añil (from "Mediterranean Reminiscences")
chamber sextet:

alto flute, clarinet, guitar, piano, violin, viola and cello


Year: 2011 |  Duration: 9:30 min~


Commissioned by BCN216, Barcelona.


World premiere: 19 October 2011

L'Auditori de Barcelona, Sala 2-Oriol Martorell.

Ensemble: BCN216, conductor Yasuaki Itakura


Live recording by BCN216 at Refectorio del Centro del Carmen, Valencia "Festival de Ensembles-Música per l'avenir",  2 December 2011

Wasserschlangen II 
chamber sextet:

bass clarinet, french horn, harp, violin, viola and cello


Year: 2011 |  Duration: 6 min~


After Gustav Klimt's work


World premiere: 29th of April 2011

Composer's Ensemble. Parry Room – Royal College of Music, London.

Shadja - Raquel García-Tomás
00:00 / 00:00
percussion duo:

vibraphone and marimba


Year: (2009-10) |  Duration: 8 min~


Commissioned by Cayetano Gómez


World premiere: 28th of June 2010.

Montaverner Concert Hall (Valencia) Performers:  Ferran Carceller (vibraphone) and Cayetano Gómez (marimba)

Prélude et postlude à l'extase - Raquel García-Tomás
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Prélude et postlude à l'extase
trombone & percussion duo


Year: 2008 | Duration: 9:45 min~


Commissioned by Jean Baptiste Lacou


World premiere: 17th of January 2009.

Salle de l'Instititut du Conservatoire, Orléans, Concert de Prix de Jéan Baptiste Lacou. Performers: Jéan Baptiste Lacou (trombone), Rémi Bernard and Benoît Lavollée (percussion)


Playing in this recording:Cassiel Antón, trombone;Ferran Carceller, percussion set 1;Marcel Pascual, percussion set 2.

Love Song For Two Cars - Raquel García-Tomás
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Love Song For Two Cars
#1st version for Sax Octet

(S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2)


Year: 2008 |  Duration: 7:45 min~


World premiere: 16 April 2008. L'ESMuC, Sala d'orquestra (Barcelona)

Conductor: Raúl Patiño.

Performers: Tere Gómez / Héctor Canós (soprano sax), Gemma Torralbo / Esther Sabaté (alto sax), Pau Sanchis / Anna Belmonte (tenor sax), Bru Maymó / Aridane Cardona (baritone sax)  


#2nd version for Sax Ensemble

(S1, S2, S3, A1, A2, A3. T1, T2, T3, B1, B2, Ba)


Premiere: 15 May 2011. Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona) ESMuC Sax Ensemble



*This is a recording of the version #1, the performers are the same who premiered it in April 2008.

Canción al Alba - Raquel García-Tomás
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Canción al alba
string quartet


Year: 2008 | Duration: 5:30 min~


Commissioned by Versus String Quartet.


World premiere: 26th of February 2008. L'Auditori de Barcelona, Sala 3-Tete Montoliu. "Concerts de l'Acadèmia | Temporada 2007/08"


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